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How do I check out and pay?

1. Log in to the DigitalMaas Platform.

2. Click on your Avatar (your name's initials) on the right-hand corner of the dashboard.

3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Account Details.

4. Click Offers on the left-side panel.

5. Click the three dots on the right. A drop-down menu will appear. Click View.

6. Your payment summary will appear. Review the offer and click Confirm.

7. Enter your payment details. You may select to pay via credit card or invoice. You will need to fill out your details in both instances.

a. Credit or Debit Card - You will need to fill out your card details as well as contact information.

b. Pay via Invoice - You will need to only fill out your contact information.

CAUTION: This option is only available for select accounts. You may speak with our Customer Success team for more information.

8. After reviewing all information provided, click Next.

9. Once the order is confirmed, click OK.