How can I announce that I am available for appointments only during operating hours?

Google My Business allows you to publish posts that highlight updates, products and offers you'd like your customers to learn about.

If you want to announce that your business is open for appointments only, then publishing a GMB post will work best.

To create a GMB post, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DigitalMaas Account.
  2. On the menu at the left of the screen, click Locations.
  3. On the Locations dashboard, choose which location you'd like to create a post for.
  4. Click Posts.
  5. Click Create Post and choose 'What's New'.
  6. Write that your business is available by appointment only and set a CTA button linking to your contact page (optional). Once done, you may Preview the post before publishing.
  7. Once satisfied with your post, click Publish.

You may also use Attributes to let your customers know that you are available for online appointments. Learn more about this attribute.