How do I add a UTM parameter to my website?

An Urchin Tracking Module, commonly known as a UTM parameter, is a code that you can attach to your links to generate data for campaigns.

Using a UTM parameter helps you track how users go to your website. This is especially beneficial when you publish GMB posts or would like to see if people are clicking on your website from your GMB listing.

To add a UTM parameter, do the following steps:

  1. On a separate text editor, paste your original URL.
  2. Add a ? at the end of your URL.
  3. Type in utm_source= plus the source of your site visits (eg. Google). Type in & when you're done.
  4. Without any spaces, type in utm_medium= plus the type of channel where the traffic comes from (eg. organic). Type in & when you're done.
  5. Without any spaces, type in utm_campaign= plus the name of your campaign (eg. gmb). 

Your UTM parameter will look like this: