How do I edit my location?

Within the location section of the platform you can make updates by looking for the small edit icon and following the steps.

  1. If you choose to edit or update your location details within the platform, look for the edit icon
  2. Get presented with the edit page of your selected detail to edit
  3. Enter your updated Business Name 
  4. Select your Business Category and add more categories
  5. Search your new location address or add complements like floor, unit or block number to your address
  6. Add a service area for your location
  7. Add or update your location regular hours 
  8. Add your location special hours
  9. Add or update your business location contact number
  10. Update your location website by providing an extra path to the URL
  11. Update your location description
  12. Add your location opening date
  13. Update your Store Code
  14. Update your Location labels
  15. Don’t forget to click Apply to save your changes

updating locations