How do I bulk edit on the Platform?

You can now edit business information across several locations on the DigitalMaas Platform at the same time.

Bulk Edit GMB Details

  1. Log in to the DigitalMaas Platform.
  2. Tick the boxes on the left of the locations whose information you want to edit. If you want to edit all locations on the page, tick box next to 'Locations'. If you want to select all your locations beyond the page, click 'Select all X locations.' where X is the total number of locations you have on your account.
  3. Once you've selected your preferred locations, click 'Edit.'
  4. On 'Select Property', choose which property or feature you'd like to edit.
    1. Attributes - please make sure that your locations have the same primary category for you to make changes to your attributes
    2. Categories
    3. Hours
    4. Special Hours
    5. Phone
    6. Website
    7. Description
    8. Opening Date
  5. Once you're satisfied with your changes, click 'Review'. 
  6. Click 'Confirm' when you've fully reviewed your edits. Changes to your GMB listing will apply in real-time.