How to create a GMB bulk post using the platform?

Promote your GMB Posts across multiple locations.

  1. Sign in to DigitalMaas Platform - See How do I sign into the platform?
  2. Go to Locations using the Main Menu
  3. Get presented with the Location Overview where you can see a list of all your location in one place
  4. Tick the checkbox beside the location
  5. Get presented with a Header Menu at the top of the list
  6. Look and Click for Create Post
  7. Get presented with the Create Post window
  8. Choose the type of post you’d like to create:
    • What's New
      this is a standard post where you can provide general info about your business
    • COVID-19 Update
      let your customers know any changes in your business due to COVID- 19
    • Event
      let your customers know about the events in your business
    • Offer
      let your customers be up to date with all your product or service offer/s

  9. Click each field and enter the relevant information.
  10. To see a preview of your post, click Preview.
  11. Click Next
  12. If you have a lot of locations you can use the Search Bar as a filter for finding specific locations. For example, you may search by name, state, postcode or address.
  13. You can also exclude posting on locations that are permanently closed by clicking the Exclude Locations 
  14. Once you're happy with it all, click Publish
  15. Get presented with the updated Posts gallery where you should see your recent post.
  16. You can go to Home to check the updates of your bulk post