Can I delete a user from my account?

Currently, the DigitalMaas platform does not enable you to do this. However, if you wish to remove a user from your account, our team can do this for you.

Please proceed as follows:
  1. You may contact us through our support channels. It is highly advisable to reach out to
  2. In your email, provide the necessary details to facilitate the deletion of the user account. The information you should include are:
    • Your Account: Specify the name or identifier of your own account on DigitalMaas. This will help the support team identify you as the account owner.
    • User Account to be deleted: Clearly mention the name or username of the user account that you want to be removed from your account.
  3. Our support team will handle the deletion of the user account on your behalf. We will ensure that the account is properly removed from your own account, eliminating any associated access or permissions for that user.
Please note that we may require additional information or clarification.
Send the email within the designated support hours, which are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM AEST. This ensures that your request will be received and processed promptly.