How do you reply to Google reviews on DigitalMaas?

You can reply to your customers' reviews using the DigitalMaas Platform.

1. Sign in to the DigitalMaas Platform.
2. On the left-side navigation panel, click Locations.

Respond to Reviews from All Locations

3.a On your Locations Overview, click the Review tab on top of your locations table. You will see all reviews across all locations. 

3.b To view unread reviews, click View these reviews in the Haven't Replied block. The Platform will automatically filter and display unanswered reviews.

3.c Click the Reply button to respond.

3.d After forming your response, click Post Reply.

NOTE: There is no function to reply in bulk. You can only reply to one review at a time.

Respond to Reviews from a single Location

4.a On your Locations Overview, click the business name of your preferred location.

4.b Click the Reviews tab on top of your location info.

4.c Repeat steps 3.b to 3.d.