What is Review Request?

This feature allows you to send review requests to your clients using share links, QR Codes, or email. This feature makes it quick and easy to gather more reviews for any location and enhances customer ranking authority in search.

Feature prerequisite:
Subscription - You have to be subscribed under our Premium package in order to utilise this feature.
Things to remember:
  • The "Share New Review Link" feature within the Single Location view will be eliminated and substituted with the "Send Review Request" functionality found on the review page.
  • QR codes, along with shared review emails and links, are unique for each individual location.
  • QR codes are designed as high-resolution images, specifically intended for printing purposes.
  • Both QR codes and review request emails, as well as request links, will directly navigate users to the Google reviews dedicated to that precise location.
  • The review request email will be dispatched from DigitalMaas with the address noreply@digitalmaasreviews.com.