How to Upload Business Hours via CSV?

This functionality enables you to efficiently modify Business Hours for multiple location profiles simultaneously.

Users can extract a selected set of locations into a CSV file, make revisions, preserve the modifications, and then import the updated CSV file back into the system.
With this feature, you can make changes to the following:
  • Regular Hours (Business Hours)
  • Special Hours (Holiday Hours)
Any changes made to the hours will be reflected on the homepage activity feed.
Feature prerequisites:
Subscription - You have to be subscribed under our Premium package in order to utilise this feature.
Location Access - You can only download and modify the location hours to which the user has access.
1. Start by selecting the locations that need an hours update.
2. The user downloads a template with actual hours data for the selected locations.
3. You can proceed with modifying the CSV according to your needs.
Business hours - columns D to J
Special hours - column K
  • Hours should be added in 24-hour format
"08:30-13:00" not "8AM-1PM"
  • Special hours YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM;YYYY-MM-DD_closed
4. Once done with the modification, press Next. Upload the CSV - any new or extra fields that are created that are not in the CSV template will be ignored.

Note: Please refrain from making any modifications to the standard template downloaded from the platform to ensure that the functionality remains intact.