How you do add a location?

Adding a location can be completed within the Locations tab either add a new location or import from Google My Business.

  1. Go to the Locations using Main Menu
  2. Get presented with the locations on-boarding page
  3. Choose an option to add your location

You have two options to add a location:

1. Creating a new location

2. Importing from Google My Business


4. If you already have a location and want to add another location, Find and Click Add button

5. Choose an option to add a location


Create a new location 

  1. Choose to create a new location entry

  2. Click Next to proceed

  3. Get presented with the add new location page

  4. Fill in your business name

  5. Fill in your business location

  6. Select your business category

  7. Click Next to proceed

  8. Get presented with your Location Info

    Import a Location 

    When you choose to import from Google My Business, this means that you already have your business under a Google listing and you will just have to import it to the platform. 

    1. Choose Import from Google My Business
    2. Click Next to proceed
    3. Get presented with the Connect to Google My Business page
    4. Select an existing connection or Create a Google Connection
    5. Click Next to proceed
    6. Get presented with a sign-in page and enter your username/email and password
    7. Click Allow to proceed
    8. Select Locations to import
    9. You have successfully imported your location. Click the Go to Locations button to view your import results
    10. Get directed to the locations overview tab and see that your metrics are syncing

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