What is a Knowledge Panel?

The Knowledge Panel is the box on the right side of the Google search results page containing your business information.

It will appear when people search for a specific business name and/or location, and it will show the basic business information such as a business address, phone number, hours of operation, and reviews. 

The knowledge panel also displays different types of information depending on the type of business.
For example, the knowledge panel of the fast-food restaurant below, includes links to order, menu lists, and so on.
For hotels, might show the various amenities, room rates, reservation links, and availability. 
More information is shown in the Knowledge Panel.

Why is the Knowledge panel important?

The content of the Knowledge panel is the first information people will see when searching for your business. The information helps customers find and learn about your business and have features that give them the ability to shape the narrative about your business.
Also, on mobile devices, the knowledge panel will stand out in the search results. It makes all the difference, and particularly nowadays, many searches are done via a mobile phone rather than a desktop. 
Here is how the Knowledge Panel is shown when viewed using a mobile phone.

The knowledge panel makes life easier for searchers, who can find information about your business directly on the search results page. Instead of having to click through a website or check out other review sites, searchers can easily see business information and reviews. This is why Google encourages business owners to verify and update their Google My Business.


How do I show up in the Knowledge Panel?
If you have an existing GBP listing rest assured that it will show a knowledge panel, you need to optimise/update your information. Those who do not have a GMB or new business need to create and verify GBP for their business, and once approved, it will show the knowledge panel. 


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